At Stanley Preschool, we seek to provide an atmosphere that fosters positive self-esteem, a life-long enthusiasm for learning, and a respect for the cultures and values of others.

Our philosophy is based on a sound knowledge of child development. We utilize a play-based approach that is developmentally age appropriate, encouraging children to explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. Our day is structured, yet flexible with a range of activities including: free play, math, science and reading activities, art, music, and outdoor play.

We embrace the inherent joy that is being a preschooler and having an entire world to discover and explore. We give our children special experiences throughout the year to learn via hands on discovery. Children watch chicks incubate and hatch in the spring, ride a pony and visit the outdoor education center at the Great Swamp.

We keep class size limited with a 5:1 ratio for the youngest children and a 9:1 ratio for the older children.